Postal Child

Chapter 10

What woke Whitey was hunger. He didn’t know how much time had passed. He sat up and looked around. It was still dark out. He stood up and went into the kitchen. He checked the fridge and cabinets again. Nothing doing. The pigeons were back. He could hear them. He went into the bathroom. There was five of them now. Five Pigeons. Whitey held his hand out for all of them to smell. He wasn’t sure birds could smell, but in his mind, that’s what they were doing. One of the pigeons dropped something on the window sill. It was orange and looked like carrot. The bird nudged it towards Whitey with its beak. Whitey picked it up. It was a carrot. He ate it.

Whitey stood there for a while talking to the birds. They wanted to come inside, but he couldn’t let them. Eventually they had to leave. Whitey said smell you later, something he had heard back when his mom was alive. He missed his mom.

As Whitey was leaving the bathroom he looked at the sink. There was two toothbrushes. They were vertical in their porcelain holsters. Whitey liked holsters. He thought everything that had a proper place to live lived in a holster. He felt like his pockets were holsters for things he found on the ground. Wallets were holsters for money. Bags were holsters for things you bought, or needed to move from place to place. He even thought a bed was a holster for sleep.

He stopped and stared at the toothbrushes. One was scrubbed down to the base, it was splayed and dirty looking. The other seemed like it was in working order. He figured the gross one was Jonx’ and the other was Brandy’s. He wanted to brush his teeth. It had been forever since he had. His teeth were so dirty he could scrape film from them with his fingernails. His fingernails were long too. He wanted to cut them, but by thinking this he realized he should chew them off and eat them. They must have nutrients he thought. Later, he thought.

Whitey couldn’t decide what to do. If he used Jonx’ toothbrush Jonx would never notice because he was a disgusting idiot, however, if he used Brandy’s she might notice and there would be hell to pay. He was making this decision when he heard a key in the door. He ran back to his corner and laid down.

Jonx came in first. He was carrying two bags. One was a liquor store bag with a bottle in it. The other was a brown paper bag. He put the bags on the coffee table and sat down on the couch. The paper bag was greasy and smelled like fried chicken. Whitey sat up despite his reluctance. The smell made him act like a dog. He was that hungry.

Jonx looked angry. He was sweating and red. He looked slightly ill. Brandy sat down next him. She opened the paper bag and took out a piece of chicken. She tried to hand it to Jonx. He refused. He said: “Fuck off, go get some glasses.”

Brandy put the piece of chicken on the table and stood up. She went to the kitchen to get some glasses. When she came back she put them on the table and sat down. Jonx took the glasses and moved them closer to himself. He took the bottle of whiskey from the bag and threw the bag on the floor. He opened the bottle and poured himself a drink. He looked up at Brandy as he was doing this. She was eating a piece of chicken. She nodded. He poured her a drink.

They sat in silence. Jonx sipping his whiskey, Brandy quietly eating her chicken, and Whitey sitting up, mouth drooling, staring at the chicken, smelling its odors, his mind was eating it with her, it was a breast, he could tell it was dry, she made a face that said so.

Whitey was planning an attack, the same way he did with the shower, he was gonna run over and grab the chicken and eat it while Jonx beat him, but instead Jonx broke the silence by saying:

“Them drugs at bitch?”

Brandy elbowed her bag towards Jonx. It was next to her. On the couch. Jonx rifled through it. He took out what looked like a bunch of baking soda in the corner of a cheap sandwich bag tied off with a knot. This made Whitey think of baking. Of the tools bakers use to decorate cakes. Jonx tore the bag open with his teeth and dumped the whole thing on the table. He took a card from Brandy’s bag and made two massive lines. He took a bill from his pocket and rolled it into a tube. He snorted both lines. He made two more massive lines. He handed the bill to Brandy. She snorted one of the lines. She handed the bill back to Jonx. He snorted the other line. Brandy said:

“Slow down baby, this is the good shit.”
“Fuck all, this shit is bunk.”
“Just sayin.”
“Say it silent then.”

Jonx made two more lines and took a drink of whiskey. He poured himself some more whiskey. He looked at the lines. He looked at Brandy. Her face looked like passive panic. She wasn’t eating her chicken anymore. Whitey was watching the chicken breast in her hand. She was squeezing it. The meat was oozing through her fingers. He wanted to run over and bite it off.

Jonx bent down and snorted both the lines. He sat back up. He took a drink of whiskey and stood up. He looked over at Whitey and smiled. Jonx said:

“Why don’t you ever talk to me? Aren’t we friends?”

Whitey looked confused. Jonx turned around and asked Brandy the same question. Brandy didn’t answer. Jonx said:

“Fuck you both, I love you guys, but you betrayed me.”

Jonx took this moment to fall to the floor. He knocked the coffee table over. The whiskey and drugs and fried chicken spilled towards the television. Brandy ran over to him. Whitey scooted over and grabbed a piece of chicken. He scooted back. He was eating the chicken as Brandy had Jonx’ shirt in her hands and was shaking him. She was screaming:

“Wake up! Jonx! You ok! Jonx!”

Jonx was not ok. Jonx was dead. Brandy was screaming. She was trying to do CPR, but she didn’t know how.

Whitey was eating fried chicken and watching. There was another piece at Brandy’s feet he was looking to eat next. He decided it was smart to just grab it now. He slid over and grabbed it. He slid back and put it under his blanket. She turned around and yelled at him:

“Help me!”

Whitey crawled over. Brandy was beating on Jonx’ chest. She yelled:

“Help me!” She looked at Whitey. He had no clue.
“I don’t know CPR.”

Whitey pretended to push on Jonx’ chest with Brandy until Brandy gave up. She collapsed on Jonx’ body and cried. Jonx was dead. Whitey waited until he knew Brandy wouldn’t notice. He slid back to his bed and took the piece of chicken he had hid from its hiding place. He sat there eating the fried chicken watching Brandy cry.

Jonx was dead.